Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Rockin' in the Free World

I am the sort of gig-goer who loves seeing bands, but rarely is on top of the music scene enough to know what's going on. As such I am very dependent on other people to point out interesting events, and my attendance consequently depends on where I am and who I happen to be hanging around with at the time.

Back in Birmingham I saw quite a few bands of varying famosity*, from my friends doing open mic (yay Nick!), up to big bands that would sell out the venue. Here, however, I'm not really sure what is going on musically at all. I'm sure this will change soon though...

*(I clearly just made that word up but couldn't think of the right one)

Newfoundland appears not to be the destination of choice for most big names, which is a real shame as I was hoping to get the chance to see people that might not come to England. The highlights coming up at the Mile One Stadium are Dancing with the Priests (you think I'm joking?), Monster Trucks, and Bill Clinton (what was his biggest number one again?). I guess it's not really surprising as St John's is a bit out of the way compared to Toronto or Vancouver. Also, people here seem much more prepared to travel long distances to see big bands, so there's less incentive for them to come to us. This is quite different to home where everything is more compact - I used to baulk at the idea of going to Wolverhampton.

Anyway, this is why when Neil Young announced that he was beginning his tour here I was quite excited. I know a few of his songs, but I wouldn't say I was a massive fan. I am the sort of person that would get to the end of a gig by him and wonder why he hadn't sung 'A horse with no name'. Despite this, it was rather ace. Turns out I knew much more than I thought. For a man who has recently had a brain aneurysm he was remarkably sprightly, and rocked out quite spectacularly.

Now I feel that I need to document for posterity the bands I have seen, and who I absolutely must see before it's too late. Trouble is, I can't remember a thing. I shall have to start a list.