Tuesday, 30 July 2013


It's official. Dr Herringshaw and I have bought a house. The story of the buying has been better told elsewhere (and here), so I'll just say: we're in, and we love it.

I've refrained from knocking down any walls as yet, and the only thing of real note we've done so far is to cut the grass. Having a garden for the first time in years is something we're enjoying getting used to, especially when you find things like this.

I know that middle age has truly set in now that I'm researching sheds and greenhouses. My main project, though, is to dispense with the grass entirely and plant a floral grassless lawn, like this one. It's partly my laziness, and partly because I've always wanted something like a camomile lawn, but this way I get a bit more variety, insects, and a rest from the lawnmower. Everyone's a winner!

I'm starting small: pratia, three types of thyme, and freshly sown red clover towards the centre. Fingers crossed I don't kill it all.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Festival Of Archaeology

As part of the Festival of Archaeology this year, they are running a wee competition where people create woolly archaeological things.

I'm not sure if it counts, but I thought I'd give needle felting a go, and so the easiest shape I could think of was the Venus of Willendorf.

Spot the difference!